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On this Tanzanian archipelago, conservation and economic development are intertwined.

Author Michael Bishop's 'Rattlesnakes and Men' is about a town where everyone owns a dangerous ophidian.

The best tech and gaming deals this weekend: Apple, Bose, Beats, Galaxy Note 9, Roku, and more.

New cyberwar policy, body scanners in Los Angeles, and more of the week's top security news.

It's a complicated situation and a complicated subject. Maybe this will simplify things.

Sometimes the big guys, with their massive storms and fun-for-kids-to-draw rings, get all the attention.

PK's grill-and-smoker combo is solidly constructed and has excellent temperature control.

The absolute best Android and iOS phones you can buy for under $550.

A neurological “functional fingerprint” allows scientists to explore the influence of genetics, environment and aging on brain connectivity.

The CEO's increasingly erratic behavior is putting Tesla at risk. And there's blame to go around.

When Trump strips a former CIA director's security clearance, the impact is more than just symbolic.

Elon Musk’s public and sometimes-controversial tweets have triggered a cascade of events in recent weeks. We discuss on the Gadget Lab podcast.

Whether you’re hunting for Monster Hunter or looking to play Star Wars: Battlefront II, these are the PlayStations to buy.

Concerned social scientists turned their analytical skills onto one of their most widely used research tools this week: Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

The notch. The biometrics. The animoji. Apple's flagship smartphone is the one everyone's trying to copy this year.

In this week's Replay column we've got a plagiarism scandal, 'Diablo III' on the Nintendo Switch, and other disruptions. Let's dive in.

If the unconfirmed claims of a room temperature superconductor are real, this is _bonkers_.

Google's sister company intends to rethink how cities work, and that means adding some flexibility to how their public spaces are designed.

The Note 9 comes with a spiffed up camera, more storage than you'll ever need, and a stylus that doubles as a remote control.

Just 12 percent of machine learning researchers are women—a worrying statistic for a field supposedly reshaping society.