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WIRED asked the group to answer a series of questions from Twitter.

The legendary crustacean uses a hammer-like appendage made of ceramic and polymer to deliver its punishing blow.

Tech CEOs have wrestled greater control of their companies than ever—making it impossible to address bad behavior properly.

Photographer Richard Misrach covered tens of thousands of miles while shooting 'Border Cantos'—and each one of them told a story.

Is your schnoz a schlub? Strengthen your sniffer by teaching it to discern common wine aromas with one of these training kits.

Opinion: Forget fast-charging. Battery swapping is back—and it's the tech of the future.

Seventy percent of people believe you can buy an autonomous car today. And that's a problem.

If we ever move off-planet, we'll have to get more serious about distinguishing between 'mass' and 'weight.'

Roku brings the price of 4K TV streaming down to new lows, with a few caveats.

A new battle-royale mode that leans into the trope of the moment makes 'Black Ops 4' the franchise's most honest title to date.

Human drivers (and one cyclist) have rear-ended self-driving cars 28 times this year in California—accounting for nearly two-thirds of robocar crashes.

The social media giant has assembled a team of geeks, spooks, hackers, and lawyers to prevent a repeat of the 2016 abuse and manipulation on its network.

Security researchers have discovered a new instance code associated with APT1, a notorious Chinese hacking group that disappeared in 2013.

A new lawsuit alleges that Facebook inflated its video viewership numbers more than previously reported, and then hid the mistake. And that has journalists steamed.

Crowdfunding projects often crash and burn. But Ember's heated travel mug just keeps improving.

The Donbass region has been convulsed by civil war since 2014, yet many residents refuse to evacuate.

If you're a gamer, or a pro looking for a MacBook alternative, this is the laptop for you.

Helm hopes to make running your own private, encrypted server easy for everyone.

I spent the last few months using Bing instead of Google for search. It's a whole new world, but not always for the better.

We'll soon find it hard to know with our own eyes if a video is real or generated by AI, but new algorithms are staying one or two steps ahead of the fakers.