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Summer has begun, and so have a lot of 2018 Memorial Day sales on TVs, laptops, robovacs, appliances, and more.

Roboticists have to not only in create artificial senses of touch and taste, but figure out what robots should *ignore* in a human world.

Europe's GDPR, which takes effect Friday, was supposed to give consumers more insight into how their personal information is collected and used. It's not turning out that way---yet.

The coffee-table-sized Sony LSPX-A1 conceals a powerful speaker system—plus provides ample storage for your art books.

Yes, they mainly affect those who live inside the EU. But non-Europeans should pay attention too.

However trivial it may sound, it's a monstrously difficult challenge. Luckily, the employees of X.ai are some of the most dedicated nerds you’ll ever meet.

FBI stats about inaccessible cellphones were inflated, undermining already controversial bureau claims about the threat of encryption.

Here's how the decision impacts the future of the First Amendment online.

The dating app is testing a new feature aimed at connecting users who hang out at the same spots.

In a rare interview, nine Facebook executives discuss the company's tools for reducing the quantity and reach of misinformation.

If you've been holding off on that new Kindle, now's your chance.

In a rare interview, nine Facebook executives talk about the challenge, and their progress, in battling clickbait and falsehoods.

Cisco researchers discover a new router malware outbreak that might also be the next cyberwar attack in Ukraine.

The update, now available to most users, comes several months after Facebook was criticized for spamming users' two-factor authentication phone numbers.

The 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' actress loves her co-star.

A team of data scientists at the anything-goes delivery company revealed our collective whims, whether it’s scarfing brisket, stockpiling sex toys, or splurging on caviar.

The luxury SUV looks down the road to see where you need battery power, and where you need old-fashioned internal combustion.

The end of Google Glass wasn’t even the end of Google Glass. More than that, the idea of augmented reality has been normalized.

In a world with too many humans and not enough pollinators, robots like the BrambleBee could help.

A machine’s atom-wide tip could help usher in an era of microscopic circuits.