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BBC News

Earth's rarest minerals catalogued
BBC News
None of 2,500 species described is known from more than five locations, and for a few of them the total global supply could fit in a thimble. The researchers say it is important to hunt down these oddities because they contain fundamental information ...
Way beyond diamonds: A look at some of the rarest minerals in the worldLos Angeles Times
Beyond Diamonds And Gems: The World's Rarest MineralsScience 2.0
Forget Diamonds, Extremely Rare Sardinian Ichnusaite Makes Better Gift For Valentine's DayTech Times
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Lighthouse News Daily

Google Is Kicking Picasa to the Curb
Lighthouse News Daily
In a bid to encourage users to transition to their recent photo and video sharing and storage service, Google is kicking Picasa to the curb. This move was announced in a recent blog post by Anil Sabharwal, Chief of Google Photos, who expressed the ...
Google Is Shutting Down Picasa To Focus On Google PhotosImmortal News
Google's Picasa to Shut DownI4U News
Google to shut down Picasa support this springModern Readers
Beacon Transcript -BizTek Mojo -Salem State Log
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Christian Science Monitor

Are women better coders than men?
Christian Science Monitor
Women's code is accepted more often on open-source software site GitHub – as long as their gender is unknown. So why doesn't Silicon Valley have more female programmers? By Lonnie Shekhtman, Staff February 13, 2016. Save for later Saved. close.
Study claims women write better code than menWinBeta
Women Considered Better Coders Than Men When Their Gender Is HiddenImmortal News
Women Coders Surpass Male Peers In GitHub Blind Test But Gender Bias Is ClearHot Hardware
Maine News Online -The Next Digit -The Week Magazine
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Christian Science Monitor

Air pollution blamed for 5.5 million deaths each year, but India and China see progress
Christian Science Monitor
India and China together see more than half of the annual deaths from air pollution, but they're working to change that. By Story Hinckley, Staff February 13, 2016. Save for later Saved. close. People wear masks as they pass the Turret of the Forbidden ...
China, India worst hit by pollution, account for over 50% worldwide dea...Hindustan Times
Pollution kills 5.5 million people globally every yearUniversity Herald
Air Pollution Is Fourth Leading Cause Of Death Worldwide: Polluted Air Claims 5.5 Million Lives Per YearTech Times -Newsweek -Kaumudi Online
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When Black Holes Collide: Einstein Was Right All Along
02_13_Einstein_Right The collision of two black holes holes—a tremendously powerful event detected for the first time ever by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO—is seen in this still image from a computer simulation ...
Could Gravitational Waves Ever Be Strong Enough To Feel?Forbes
How scientists will keep searching for gravitational wavesThe Verge
Space-time ripples: How Einstein's gravitational waves are detectedChristian Science Monitor
Salon -Here And Now -Slate Magazine
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Digital Trends

MyShake turns your smartphone into an earthquake detector and research tool
Digital Trends
A new Android app called MyShake uses your smartphone's accelerometers to detect earthquakes and collect helpful seismic data for researchers. Early results show that MyShake can help with the early detection of earthquakes magnitude 5 and higher ...
New Android App Turns Smartphones Into Earthquake DetectorsCDA News
Scientists develop new app that uses your cellphone to detect earthquakesLos Angeles Times
Smartphones could become the earthquake sensors of the futureBusiness Insider
The Next Digit -VentureBeat -The Verge
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iPhone 5SE Release Date, Apple Gets Aggressive
Mark Gurman reports that the iPhone 5SE will go on sale on Friday March 18th, just three days after it is revealed on Tuesday March 15th. With the caveat that his sources think this could be changed (which means I'm tagging this as 'assuming ...
How To Brick An iPhone? Let Us Count The Ways: Error 53, Date Bug And MoreTech Times
Plugging in this date will permanently crash your
Top iOS news of the week: Great patent, new iOS beta, Apple Watch developers wantedZDNet
N4BB -Christian Science Monitor -Gizmodo
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Fox News

Cops arrest teen for hack and leak of DHS, FBI data
Fox News
A 16-year-old boy living in England has been arrested in connection with the recent hack of FBI and DHS data, as well as the personal email accounts of CIA director John Brennan and homeland security chief Jeh Johnson. Fox has confirmed that British ...
UK teen arrested over FBI, DHS data hackingSlashGear
Teen Who Hacked DHS, FBI Information Arrested –The Independent
Pro-Palestinian Hacker Attacks FBI and DHS, Publishes Details of 29000
Pc-Tablet Media -Government Technology
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Tech Times

Apple initiates replacement program for MacBook USB-C charging cables
Apple Insider
Apple on Friday activated a quality program for USB-C charging cables included with 12-inch MacBook with Retina display models, as well as those sold as standalone accessories, saying a design issue with affected units could cause them to fail. As ...
Apple Launches USB-C Charge Cable Replacement Program for Retina MacBookMac Rumors
Traveling shouldn't mean losing access to your favorite movies [Deals]Cult of Mac
Apple is replacing MacBook charging cables due to a 'design issue'VentureBeat
The Verge -9 to 5 Mac (press release) -Digital Trends
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Mac Rumors

Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi Discuss Bloated Software Accusations, Upcoming iTunes Plans
Mac Rumors
Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi spoke with John Gruber in this week's episode of "The Talk Show," where they commented on recent opinions that Apple's software isn't up to snuff and offered some details on a new version of iTunes coming in OS X 10.11.4.
Apple Music passes 11M subscribers as iCloud hits 782M usersApple Insider
Apple Music Tops 11 Million Subscribers; iCloud Reaches 782 MillionTechCrunch
Apple Music gains subscribers at a fast clipCNET
The Verge -USA TODAY -Modern Readers
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