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Economic Times

China Probes Microsoft, Shows Up at Offices Unannounced
PC Magazine
Chinese officials recently showed up unannounced at four Microsoft offices in China, reportedly to investigate antitrust accusations. According to the South China Morning Post, State Administration for Industry and Commerce officials arrived in Beijing, ...
Microsoft's Chinese burn riddle: Antitrust g-men swoop on officesRegister
Microsoft targeted in apparent Chinese antitrust probeReuters
China's AIC raids Microsoft offices amid Snowden spying stoushThe Australian
Washington Post (blog) -Businessweek -TODAYonline
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Fitbit comes to WP8, making it the only activity tracker that syncs directly to a ...
Internet of things gadgets usually never stray far from Android and iOS, but Fitbit has decided to add Windows Phone to its list of supported platforms. Fitbit Force on wrist. When it comes to app development in the internet of things, you see a pretty standard ...
Fitbit is First to Debut Windows Phone 8.1 App with Real-Time Bluetooth SyncingMarketWatch
Windows Phone 8.1 update: Smart cases, support for big screensTech Times
Windows Phone 8.1 Update Details LeakInformationWeek
PCWorld (blog) -FanSided -Top Tech News
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OKCupid Cops to Experimenting on Users
PC Magazine
Facebook is not the only company toying with your emotions, but OKCupid says it's just what happens on the Web. 0shares. Digital Dating Tips. Still perturbed by news of Facebook's news feed "experiments"? The social network isn't the only one toying with ...
OKCupid Brags That It Experiments on Humans, TooBusinessweek
OkCupid admits to Facebook-style experimenting on customersReuters
That perfect OkCupid match you bedded was a LIE: Site coughs to user ...Register
ReadWrite -GigaOM -Computerworld
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Samsung's Tizen smartphone OS: Dead or alive?
By 2011, Android had just become the most popular smartphone operating system. At the time it still seemed possible for another mobile operating system to play a major role in the market. samsung-z This may be the only glance you'll ever get of a ...
Samsung delays launch of Tizen smartphonePCWorld
Samsung Z Tizen OS mobe is post-phoned – this time for good?Register
Samsung promises that Tizen, while plagued by setbacks, will still deliverChristian Science Monitor
Computerworld -InformationWeek -The Seattle Times
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New York Times

FTC Recommends Mobile Industry Changes to Combat Mobile Cramming
Imperial Valley News
Washington, DC - In a report issued today, the Federal Trade Commission staff recommends steps that mobile carriers and other companies should take to prevent consumers from being stuck with unauthorized charges on their mobile phone bills, ...
FTC Gives Carriers Tips on Preventing Wireless CrammingRe/code
The FTC is expanding the war on bogus cell phone chargesWashington Post (blog)
FTC Publishes Steps for Mobile Industry to Prevent OverbillingNew York Times (blog)
The Plain Dealer -ConsumerAffairs -The Hill
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Data Center Knowledge

Pivotal, Hortonworks Collaborate On Hadoop Management
Pivotal announced an alliance of sorts with Hortonworks on Monday, pledging to collaborate on development of the Apache Ambari project, open-source software used by Hortonworks to manage and monitor Hadoop clusters. Pivotal said its pledge to ...
Hortonworks and Pivotal team up to better manage HadoopComputerworld
Hortonworks, Pivotal Partnership Focuses on Hadoop ManagementeWeek
Hortonworks gains ground as its Hadoop management tool gets adoption at ...VentureBeat
ZDNet -CMSWire -Data Center Knowledge
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National Geographic

Mid-Atlantic to Central US: Clear Skies for Peak of Aquarids Meteor Shower
With the help of a new moon, stargazers are in for a treat as the peak of the Delta Aquarids meteor shower unfolds in the predawn hours Tuesday, July 29. Due to the new moon, the night sky will be darker and allow for the meteors to shine brighter according ...
Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower 2014 Live Stream Free: Watch July 29-30 Meteor ...Christian Post
Meteor shower best viewed tonightOmaha World-Herald

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The Guardian

DINO-SLAYER asteroid strike was a stroke of bad luck, say boffins
A giant asteroid smashed into Earth millions of years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs, or so the theory goes. But the demise of these scaly – or indeed, even feathery – overlords may not have happened if the space rock hit a few million years later or earlier, ...
'Bad luck' and timing of asteroid led to dinosaurs' extinction, scientists sayNew York Daily News
Asteroid Timing Erased the Dinosaurs?National Geographic
'Colossal Bad Luck' Caused Dinosaurs To Go ExtinctDiscovery News
USA TODAY -SlashGear -Argyll Free Press
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TechWeekEurope UK

Yosemite's traffic share triples after public beta debuts
Computerworld - Even though some users were unable to download Apple's OS X Yosemite public beta last week, the preview's debut resulted in a tripling of the upgrade's share of online traffic, an ad network said today. According to Chitika, Yosemite's ...
Proceed with caution when test-driving Apple's new OSHouston Chronicle
Apple's OS X Yosemite Usage Rates in US and Canada Double Following ...Patently Apple
Yosemite usage rates double following public betaZDNet

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Chicago bike-design team unveils its 'Blackline' for national contest
Chicago Tribune
Introducing the “Blackline” — a steel-tubed sophisticated monster of a bicycle with basket racks, bubble tires, a weather-proof drive belt in place of a chain and smart handlebars that signal upcoming turns. The bike is Chicago's entry in The Oregon Manifest ...
Solid's vibrating handlebars navigate bike lanes on its 3D printed frameEngadget
Bike design competition ends; prototypes unveiledBicycle Retailer
Oregon Manifest 2014: Pensa on Collaborating with Horse Cycles, Large Radius (blog)
PSFK -Portland Business Journal
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