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Christian Science Monitor

Dolphins can sense magnets, researchers say
Science Recorder
The researchers observed the animals' spontaneous reaction to a barrel containing a strongly magnetized block or a demagnetized one. Science Recorder Pro. Free trial. No ads. Exclusive interviews. Access to all articles. Just $4.99/year. Subscribe ...
Dolphins' magnetic 'sixth sense': Smart cetaceans respond to magnetic fieldsTech Times
Dolphins Can Sense Magnetic FieldsHeadlines & Global News
Dolphins sensitive to magnetic fields, study findsBeta Wired
Christian Science Monitor -WallStreet OTC -RedOrbit
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Vancouver Sun

Apple on line for billions as EU targets tax avoidance in Ireland
Vancouver Sun
BRUSSELS - Apple risks having to repay Ireland tax rebates worth billions of dollars after the European Union's competition watchdog said Tuesday the company appears to be benefiting from illegal tax deals there. In a preliminary report into the company's ...
Apple's Irish tax deals 'constituted State aid'

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BBC News

World wildlife populations halved in 40 years - report
BBC News
The global loss of species is even worse than previously thought, the London Zoological Society (ZSL) says in its new Living Planet Index. The report suggests populations have halved in 40 years, as new methodology gives more alarming results than in a ...
Wildlife Numbers Drop by Half Since 1970, Report SaysWall Street Journal
We've killed off half the world's animals since 1970Washington Post (blog)
Humans wipe out wildlife at speedMail & Guardian Online
Business Standard -Financial Express -The Province
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Humans have 'an influence' on climate change: study
A new report published this week by dozens of scientists confirms what Republican politicians dispute: that human-caused climate change is influencing weather patterns around the world. Heat waves in Australia, Korea, Japan, China, and Europe, ...
Global Warming Fired Up Heat Waves in 2013Scientific American
Climate Change Is Driving Heat Waves Around The World: ReportHuffington Post
Study links heat waves in Asia to climate changeDeutsche Welle
Independent Online -RedOrbit -ABC Online
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The new Social Network Ello: All that you wanted to know about the latest craze!
The new Social Network Ello: All that you wanted to know about the latest craze! The new social network Ello is Facebook's newest competitor. In fact, the company is describing itself as "anti-Facebook." Ello was introduced a year ago and already it is ...
The bottom line on Facebook alternative ElloDeutsche Welle
Just Say No to ElloPC Magazine
Even On Facebook You Should Be Gathering Your Fan's Email
MTV UK -Bidness ETC -Capital Wired
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Fox News

How viewing Earth as an exoplanet can help search for alien life
Fox News
Future telescopes could look for the signature of ozone in an Earth-like planet's atmosphere. (NASA). An extraterrestrial spacecraft lurking in a satellite's orbit near Earth would be able to see city lights and pollution in our atmosphere. But what if it searched for ...
Lake Afton observatory will be open for total lunar eclipse Oct.
Total Lunar Eclipse to occur next weekAustrian Tribune
A month of eclipsesMy Eastern Shore
KFDX -The Westender -Focus Taiwan News Channel
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Maker of StealthGenie, an app used for spying, is indicted in Virginia
Washington Post
Federal officials on Monday announced the arrest of the maker of a popular smartphone app marketed as a tool for catching cheating spouses by eavesdropping on their calls and tracking their locations — a technology critics have dubbed “stalker apps.”.
US Charges Pakistani Man Of Conspiracy Over His Spyware AppNPR (blog)
Pakistani Man Indicted for Selling StealthGenie Spyware AppFederal Bureau of Investigation (press release)

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China cracks down on iPhone 6 smuggling
Chinese custom agents literally have their hands full with Apple's iPhone 6, as they seize hundreds of units from smugglers attempting to bring them into the country. Apple has yet to start selling its newest smartphones in mainland China, but that hasn't ...
iPhone 6 Arrives in China on Oct. 17PC Magazine
With iPhone 6 approved in China, Apple suppliers ready for demandReuters
Apple's iPhone 6 sells in China next monthSFGate (blog)
Fortune -Business Standard
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Hands-On With NVIDIA's SHIELD Tablet LTE, Available Today At Best Buy ...
Android Police
Two months ago, we looked the newest member of the SHIELD family, NVIDIA's SHIELD Tablet. This eight-inch beast is one of the first devices to feature NVIDIA's screaming fast Tegra K1 processor, which makes it not only a killer gaming tablet, but an ...
NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet w/ 4G LTE and 32GB of Storage AvailableLegit Reviews
NVIDIA's Updated Shield Gaming Tablet Kicks ButtTG Daily (blog)
Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE Review: In DepthRecombu
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Maine News Online

New Species of Poison Dart Frog discovered in Panama
Maine News Online
Researchers have discovered a new species of poison dart frog near the headwaters of the Rio Cano in Panama. The researchers from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the Universidad Autonoma de Chiriqui in Panama, and the Universidad de ...
New rare dart frog species discovered in PanamaBeta Wired
Researchers discover new poison dart frog in
Scientists Discover New Species Of Poison Dart Frog In PanamaValueWalk
Yahoo News UK
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